Friday, May 13, 2005

Busy Spring!

Yes, it's the busiest time of the year here in Susan Land - been planting grass, flowers, vegetables, and a new tree! So far, the malicious, evil bunnies have not been able to breach the veggie garden fence. They eyeball it, run circles around it, sniff it, but so far have not reached the tender new bean and lettuce shoots they crave. Sad, sad bunnies!
I plan to take "before" and "after" pictures of the garden stuff. So far, it has been a beautiful spring. My new cherry tree has exactly 3 cherries on it, and I am searching high and low for a recipe requiring only that many for something wonderful. The azaleas put on a spectacular show, as did the lilacs. The showy irises are coming out now - those bronze things that are on stalks about 4 feet tall. Amazing! And the peonies are popping out all over the yard smelling heavenly. All the new additions seem to be doing well, and even a few things I planted in past years that I thought long-dead have reappeared - like some shasta daiseys that came out of nowhere. Think I planted those a couple years ago.
Also, am experimenting this year. Bought a couple Japanese eggplant plants, and seed potatoes. The potatoes went into a half-barrel I have and as they grow I'll add more soil and perhaps a chicken wire topper to make it even deeper. Should be interesting!
Also, as a Mother's Day gift, Michael and Angela came over last Saturday and hung the "new" kitchen cabinets - you remember? The ones I painted, stenciled with hydrangeas, then antiqued - for about 8 months??? Yes, they're finally on the wall!! I will post a picture as soon as we get on the new countertop. So far, it looks pretty amazing! Next - a new floor! Perhaps something ornate . . . .
Anyway, things are going pretty good. Still employed, everything outside is screaming green, and I've been able to hang onto the house. So far, so good! Hopefully, this job may become permanent. Would be awfully nice! Will keep you posted. At least some things are looking up!

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